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Transport Law and Shipping Law

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Transport Law comprises the following areas: Land Freight Law, Air Freight Law, Railway Freight Law and Inland Waterway Transport, Inland Shipping, Shipping Law, Warehousing and Logistics Law and Maritime Trade Law. Also included are Customs Law, Insurance Law and International Private Law:

  • Law of national and international road-transport, including the law of general terms and conditions of transports and transportation insurances;
  • Law of national and international transport on water, air and rail;
  • Right of multimodal transport;
  • Law of transport of dangerous goods, including criminal and administrative fine;
  • Forwarding Insurance Law;
  • International Private Law;
  • Customs and customs clearance in cross-border traffic and traffic taxes.

Damages and insurance matters are nowadays the main focus of our legal activity. Because of the plethora of daily moving goods, all cases of damages can occur. In order to avoid eventual unwanted disputes (for instance due to possible terms and formal requirements regulated in the German transport and freight law as well as in storage law and settlement of claims) it is always suggested to previously consult a legal.