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Distribution rights and distribution contracts

German Commercial law, Company law, Agent law, Business law, Corporate law, Finance law, Sales representatvive law, Transport law, Shipping law, CSIG, INCOTERMS, Tax law, European Commercial law

The distribution law within Germany or Europe has an important role in the distribution of goods and services. Sales-related issues also include export/import businesses –especially from countries such China, India, Turkey, Indonesia and USA. An appropriate contractual distribution agreement is of great importance.

We offer the following legal services in distribution law matters:

  • Planning, design, testing and optimization of distribution contracts and systems;
  • Terms and conditions,
  • Terms of purchase and delivery
  • Import and export delivery contracts
  • Framework agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Special distribution systems (closed distribution systems, MLM sales, etc)
  • Examination of all contractual and non-contractual claims (injunctive relief claims, antitrust claims, claims for damages etc.)
  • Enforcement of rights in case of infringement of contracts
  • Litigation issues
  • Representation in international arbitration proceedings
  • Legal Support at all stages of a contractual negotiation
  • Defense against legally unjustified claims
  • Tactical advice and representation.